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Kodasema - winnaar prijsvraag

The most innovative home 2016.” according to Business Insider.

The 26,2 m2 house accommodates all necessities for sustainable living and working, needs no foundation and its structure is optimised to be assembled and disassembled many times over – in 4–7 hours. 

KODAs can be extended into a multi-room space, multi-storied building or a multi-purpose KODA village. As an urban infill unit it fits into the (temporarily) unused spaces and micro cracks in the urban environment creating a pop-up community and/or business centre – a vibrant mixture of hotels, cafés, homes, workshops and studios, shops and a community area – in a snap.

Website: http://www.kodasema.com/

Presentatie oktober 2017:

Koda - from Estland from Robert Wiering on Vimeo.